It is Tuesday 15 October 2013 and the work has begun.

Big job ahead ...

Big job ahead …

The Sparroworks Wildlife Co. have today started the lengthy task of converting the MFR/MBO website to run on the WordPress platform and in the process adding many new functions and features.

The template that is installed today is Preferences Pro published by Styled Themes … simply because I have it to hand and it is already paid for.  For reference it is the same theme used for the BPQ site. Once decisions have been made about the overall look and feel of the site this theme may be replaced with whatever people wish, but for now it allows some development work to be started. As you will have gathered, this is a test development site and not available to anyone who does not have the passwords until it is ready to live. In case I walk under a bus tomorrow, there are a second set of passwords giving access to the engine room … Marcel has copies of these.

I will be sending round a set of design-based questions in the next few days – the outline design and choice of theme will be determined by your answers.

I hope you like it – this will be interesting and will proceed in stages, starting with the public face. You can contact me with your thoughts and suggestions at any of the emails addresses you already have in your records or at




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