Lasts 14 weeks : August 1 – November 6

The Fall Migration Monitoring Program (FMMP) is a standardized study to be undertaken at MBO annually, providing the basis for long-term trend analysis of bird populations. It is intended to be compatible with the aims and methodology of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network. The program involves daily monitoring throughout the season, including a standardized census, banding, and incidental observations. The FMMP season at MBO extends from August 1 through November 6. This 14-week period encompasses the majority of fall migration, a requirement of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network.


The 2004 pilot season involved banding on average three times per week. In 2005, coverage was partial in August and complete throughout the peak of migration in September and October. From 2006 to 2014, the site has operated daily from August 1st to October 30. Since 2015, the season has been extended to 14 weeks (until November 6).

There are some autumnal photographs below from the MBO … click on a thumbnail to enlarge a photo and then use your mouse or keyboard arrow keys to step through the images