Lasts 10 weeks : March 28 – June 5

The Spring Migration Monitoring Program (SMMP) is a standardized study to be undertaken at MBO annually, providing the basis for long-term trend analysis of bird populations. It is intended to be compatible with the aims and methodology of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network. The program involves daily monitoring throughout the season, including a standardized census, banding, and incidental observations. The SMMP season at MBO extends from March 28 through June 5. This 10-week period encompasses the majority of spring passerine migration, a requirement of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network.


Very limited tests in 2004 showed some promise; greater coverage in 2005 was used to evaluate the long-term plans for spring research. In 2006 there was daily coverage for a period of 60 days from April 5 through June 3, with census conducted on an additional 7 days before and 3 days after the main season. Since 2007, the core season (with daily banding) has been adjusted to April 18 – June 1, recognizing that migration remains very slow through mid-April, and by the beginning of June most birds present are summer residents.

There are some spring photographs below from the MBOclick on a thumbnail to enlarge a photo and then use your mouse or keyboard arrow keys to step through the images