It seems that the occasionally seen Red-winged Blackbird that should have headed south at the end of last summer but which has been overwintering with us is still somehow alive and has found a friend. Two of them were at the site this morning to greet the feeder re-plenishers – see photo below. Deep crusty snow and -20C temperatures. A good six weeks before any self-respecting and sensibly migrating blackbird ever thinks of coming to Montreal.

photo - RG

photo – RG


“Jeudi Rétro” Saviez-vous qu’un Quiscale rouilleux a été bagué à l’OOM le 12 janvier 2006? Surnommé “Blackie”, il a passé tout l’hiver 2005-2006 aux mangeoires de l’OOM!!!

“Throwback Thursday” Did you know that a Rusty Blackbird was banded at MBO on January 12, 2006? Nicknamed “Blackie”, he spent the entire winter 2005-2006 at the MBO feeders!!!





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